Integration with 333 Models

Unlike any other mobile ticketing company in the world, Snowball offers a mobile ticketing platform for transit that is compatible on smartphones and wearables, both for iOS and for Android.

333+ Devices

Currently, OnBoard™ is integrated with 333 different models of smart devices, and an average of 10 more devices are added to this list each month.

Android & iOS

Apple and Android users can both enjoy an easy-to-use application. Virtual transit cards are stored in a digital wallet, much like a traditional card is stored in a physical wallet.

Virtual Ticketing

Commuters download and install a virtual card, top up, then tap their device on a transit reader and go. When funds are low, they can top up anywhere, anytime.

Shanghai Lab

In Snowball’s Shanghai office, we have a dedicated lab where Snowball manages lab testing services.

The lab performs the following types of testing as an ongoing service for smart device manufacturers and public transit agencies:

Functional Testing

Snowball’s in-house functional testing ensures eSE NFC enabled devices work with OnBoard™ and transit readers.

Interoperability Testing

Snowball’s in-house interoperability testing checks that OnBoard™-ready devices work for all transit readers associated with a certain public transit agency.

Performance Testing

Snowball’s in-house performance testing measures how quickly the transit reader and an OnBoard™-enabled device communicate with each other.

PTO Lab Testing

Snowball provides support to prepare and run PTO Lab Testing compliance testing.

Field Testing

Field interoperability testing makes sure devices work on all transit readers.