Management Team

Ciaran Fisher

Ciaran Fisher

CEO & Co-Founder of Snowball Technology Co., Ltd.

As CEO and co-founder of Snowball, Ciaran helps set the long-term vision for the company. But, perhaps more importantly, he also rolls up his sleeves every day, working with customers and the Snowball team to meet deadlines as-promised and on-time (or better).

He is proud that over ten percent of the urban population can already enjoy Snowball’s virtualisation platform, and he is dedicated to bringing mobile ticketing to public transit agencies and commuters all around the world.

To contact Ciaran directly, please send an email to

Bob Jiang

Bob Jiang

President & Co-Founder of Snowball Technology Co., Ltd.

With deep technical and commercial insights, Bob is a proven NFC expert and practitioner. His career has transformed from NFC support engineer and #1 market blogger to NFC evangelist and market creator.

Bob co-founded Snowball Technology with Ciaran Fisher in 2013 and is passionate about introducing and expanding NFC services to the global marketplace.

Michael Zhao

Michael Zhao

Vice President of Snowball Technology Co., Ltd.

Michael is excited about increasing the reach of NFC technology to serve more industries and benefit more people.

He has over a decade of industry experience in mobile phones, semiconductors and Internet technology start-ups. He is also an expert in software development, project management and business development.

Michael is an indispensable member of Snowball’s management team. He was instrumental in developing the Snowball’s products, services and customer base from the ground up and continues to help chart and propel the company’s growth.


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